The Impacts of Payments for Watershed Services in Ecuador: Emerging Lessons from Pimampiro and Cuenca

by Fernando Meneses; Joseph Vogel; Marta Echavarria; Montserrat Albán

Jan 1, 2004
The project set out to engage stakeholders in the evaluation of this emerging "market" for watershed services and its social impact.

The study consists of two documents that are separate but also complement each other. The first document, called Markets or Metaphors? A Sustainable Livelihoods Approach to the Management of Environmental Services: two Cases from Ecuador, written by Dr Joseph Vogel, is at the centre of the research. This document presents the results of the development of a methodology and its application in the field. It also includes an economic and legal analysis that demonstrates the importance of understanding and including social and cultural implications when developing a market for watershed services

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