Payments for Ecosystem Services - Issues and Pro-Poor Opportunities for Development Assistance

by Helle Ravnborg; Kim Raben; Mette Damsgaard

Jan 1, 2007
The emergence of the concept of payment for ecosystem services during the late 1990's has raised expectations among rural natural resource managers, local and national authorities, public utilities and donor organizations alike, that ecosystem conervation can be achieved through popular payments to ecosystem service providers rather than through unpopular measures of command and control.

Late 2005, Danida asked researchers from the natural resources and poverty research unit at Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS to undertake a review of experience to date regarding payments for ecosystem sevices with particular emphasis on identfying pro-poor options for development assistance support.

The findings of this review are presented in a DIIS Report. This brief introdues the concept of payment for ecosystem services and presents the four main options identifed as part of the study for development assistance in support of pro-poor payments for ecosystem services.

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