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Incentive-Based Instruments for Water Management

This report provides a synthesis review of a set of incentive-based instruments that have been employed to varying degrees around the world. It is part of an effort by The Rockefeller Foundation to improve understanding of both the potential of... … more

Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water: 2015 Update and MDG Assessment

The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program was established in 1990 and has monitored progress on global safe drinking water and sanitation targets since the Millennium Development Goals were launched in 2000. As the MDG era comes to a close, this... … more

The Essential Elements of a Successful Water Trading Program

Water quality trading programs offer many benefits, including facilitating greater cooperation among stakeholders within a watershed, reducing the costs of water pollution management, and providing ancillary environmental benefits not otherwise... … more

The Illiquidity of Water Markets: Efficient Institutions for Water Allocation in Southeastern Spain

Water is an essential good for human life but there is controversy on whether it should be allocated using markets. In 1966, the irrigation community in Mula (Murcia, Spain) switched from a market institution, an auction which had been in place in... … more

Water-Quality Trading: Programs Allow Wastewater Facilities to Achieve Compliance

Medford, OR's wastewater treatment plant, the Regional Water Reclamation Facility (RWRF), serves 170,000 customers in southern Oregon's Rogue watershed. Data shows the population increasing to over 204,600 in 2020. Although the RWRF discharges... … more

Water Allocation in Rivers Under Pressure: Water Trading, Transaction Costs and Transboundary Governance in the Western US and Australia

This book compares water allocation policy in three rivers under pressure from demand, droughts and a changing climate: the Colorado, Columbia and Murray-Darling. Each river has undergone multiple decades of policy reform at the intersection of... … more

Can Planting Trees Make Up for Warming River Water?: An Oregon Wastewater Plant Chooses to Offset Discharges by Restoring Riverside

Five years ago Medford, Oregon, had a problem common for most cities -- treating sewage without hurting fish. The city's wastewater treatment plant was discharging warm water into the Rogue River. Fish weren't dying, but salmon in the Rogue rely on... … more

Water Market Best Hope to Ease California Drought: State Could Follow Australia's Lead for Stretching Water Resources

As California's drought enters its fourth year, policy makers here mostly argue over two alternatives - stepping up conservation and water-use enforcement or building new dams and other water-storage facilities. But the solution to the water crisis... … more


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